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Mother’s yes to God did not mean earthly comfort or inner voices affirming her work.

It was her love and knowledge of Christ’s life and example that allowed her to persist in her vocation.

Using personal examples, Kelly explains how this avoidance reduces our happiness and then suggests ways to overcome this trait and to really accept the happiness we so crave.

This is a fast read but a book you will want to read again so as to recall all the positive ideas Kelly offers us for growth in true happiness which is really growth in holiness.

He describes how prayer can help transform us into the life of Christ.

He suggests how we can make life a continuous prayer and a means to meeting God in all we do each day.

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It shows we believe in a God who sent His Son to become a man, die for us and rise from the dead. Joseph-Marie Perrin, Little Manual of Perfect Prayer and Adoration is a great guide in learning to be better watchers during adoration.The message in this CD is the perfect way to show us why and how the Christ Child is the real center and reason for this holy season. Most of us know the story of Mother Teresa’s life and dedication to the poor.Her religious vocation led her to India to teach in a girls’ school but God wanted her to teach the world how to love the poor by seeing Christ in their faces.This is a good read on many levels but especially when we experience that dark night of the soul in our lives.If you haven’t had the chance or time to read Matthew Kelly’s latest book Resisting Happiness, I strongly encourage you do so and the library will kindly check a copy out to you.

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