Creepiness rule dating

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It may take time for them to open up and show you their real side. Please don’t force yourself to be an enthusiastic person if you’re really not.

If they’re excited and loud then you can do the same and still get along fine (hopefully without forcing it.) However, don’t expect to be able to do the same to someone who is speaking softly and slowly.” So in most conversations with strangers I usually only say their name twice.Once in the introduction and at the end, which shows them I actually remembered. After I started adopting the “Name-Twice” rule, I usually do pretty well.What you should be doing: Maybe mimic once or twice in a conversation and you’re golden. Definitely don’t keep scanning the room while they’re talking or they’ll think you aren’t interested in what they have to say. Here’s a great guide on how to improve your eye contact.Anything more than that and they’re going to catch on to what you’re doing. I can only speak for the culture in the States, so this section is more for those for Americans. Having too much eye contact can be even worse than none at all. What you should be doing: Look at them are while they’re talking, but don’t be afraid to break contact every few seconds or so while you’re talking. The key to being a good listener and conversationalist is learning to talk about the other person. Yes, people generally love talking about themselves. That’s cool and all, but conversations aren’t interviews!

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