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I haven’t had to deal with having a “money talk” since my ex-BF (Nic) and I started dating in 2011.

Nic and I were pretty open with our finances from the start.

Finding out if you are compatible when it comes to how you handle your daily money decisions could be a deal maker or a deal breaker. I knew I would get married someday and I wanted to have the BEST relationship ever so I picked up every “premarriage” book I could find.

According to a recent survey by Country Financial, 42% of couples do not talk about money before they are married. Each of those books helped give me a foundation so I knew what I was getting in to.

If one of those things doesn’t seem to fit with the others, well, you’re not alone.

We find that, in all the fun and emotion of dating, money conversations often get left out.

It’s so much easier just to say that you’ll work on things, or that you’ll try to figure it out together, than leave an established relationship.

I’m 31 now, and after a few relationships with financially incompatible men in the past, I knew I had to find out if we were a good fit.

But as you know, it can be tricky talking about money.

:) According to a Forbes article, there are 6 types of financial conversations to have with a significant other: Related: Guest Post – What I’ve learned from combining finances with my husband There’s a lot you can learn about someone’s spending habits without asking any questions, but eventually the money talk will have to happen.

And for me, financial incompatibility is a deal breaker.

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