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Every state has its own laws that protect the rights of workers to receive wages for hours worked.Generally, your employer must pay you on a specified pay day and cannot post date your check.Additionally, Oregon law states that your employer must pay you at least once every 35 days.Therefore, laws in states such as Oregon do not allow for post dating of checks but do enable your employer to delay paying you in other ways.That means you may be able to keep a specific check from being cashed, but the bank could also force you to close your account. Asa Aarons is a consumer reporter who appears on "News 4 You" at p.m. His special Daily News column appears Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Therefore, your employer did not post date the check, but you could not access funds on payday.However, even if your employer does post date your check, you can often negotiate your check on the day that you receive it.Most states have laws that require your employer to pay you at least once or twice a month.And you have to make sure you provide all this information before the bank receives the check. The problem, however, is writing a postdated check may violate your customer agreement with the bank. If you do, make sure the person you give it to can be trusted - and understands exactly when to cash the check.

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