Updating firmware on pap2 nellydating 2016 jelsoft enterprises ltd

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Having set up a siphone the hard way in the past I am aware that there may be a setting to always prefix a dialed number with my local prefix 03 unless I dial a different a different one. :) Yes, my installation was like this too because the apartment I was moving into already had the nbnco equipment installed.

It seems to me that this may be my issue but I see nothing in the Fritz! However, I did have an issue where I needed to call Optus because I could get an IP address but had no data flow.

Oh one other thing, I'm interested in free beer's suggestion: If I don't want Optus to reconfigure my settings on this router, I'm assuming I should disable "TR-069 client – Configuration"??? I would hate for them to somehow lock it up again Thanks again dylan, OK I will disable that.

Do you think there are any downsides of that though, i.e.

It gives the option to forward ports, which I need so that I can access my home network from outside, but this option doesn't actually work, and none of those ports open up.

If I instead specified the IP from the config it would work fine - This is with a Fritz Box 7390. I've had to do some tweaking of the settings to get it to this stage with the way NBN is handling Vo IP packets, but I'll post here once I get it running perfectly incase someone else wants to do this in the future.

Apparently their system hadn't activated my account properly but it was fixed pretty quickly over the phone. Thanks for info Here are my settings in x-lite but unable to make outbound calls.

Incoming works great User ID: 6128XXXXXXXDomain:sip01.yesphone.au Password : Decrypted Password from https:// Name: 028XXXXXXXAuthorization Name: 6128XXXXXXX Domain Proxy Checked -- So managed to get the admin password from the router.

Factory reset it and the default one worked, changed the admin password and connected the router. Entered all the details correctly but I'm getting an error 503. Thanks for everyones input on this post, It helped me get into my Craptus Router get the passwords and Sip details out and successfully configure my new Fritz box 7490 for Voip :) if anyone needs help with the Fritz config in particular send me a msg! I am still struggling to make outbound calls using the authentication extracted from SAGEMCOM.

It changed the admin password to one of theirs so used the instructions above and got back into it. Copied all the details from the router and password decrypted as well but not working. I get "Proxy Authentication Required" error when try to call a number.

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