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"He's got a really great sense of moments and he's not afraid to take risks and go there. He's different from Ross because they're not the same person, but he's gonna be good." While that pairing does sound fun, Murray says it might not be entirely for love."I justify it as it could be more of an elitist move as opposed to a move of the heart," she says. It's like if Josie's going to walk the halls with somebody on her arm...Next is an American R&B musical trio, popular during the late 1990s and early 2000s.They are best known for their hit singles "Too Close", "Wifey", and "I Still Love You" which all still receive frequent airplay on Adult Contemporary radio stations both in the US and internationally.Reggie was actually just recast after Ross Butler had to commit to instead of Riverdale, so Charles Melton will now be taking on the role."I have met him, and he's great," Murray says of Melton.I [just] hope it's in my wheelhouse." Thomas went a little further and shared that episode one is "grumpy old man" brain, episode two is "frat boy" brain, and episode three will be "Real Housewife of Seattle" brain.On a lighter note, the cast was asked which brain they'd eat if they had the chance.

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The women in these friendships, however, seem to have a completely different orientation—one that is actually platonic." He adds: "Although women seem to be genuine in their belief that opposite-sex friendships are platonic, men seem unable to turn off their desire for something more." But hey, that's kind of the point of the Gaggle method ...

Dean turns to the listeners for tips on how to be better at dating.

Next, in need of all the help he can get, he hits up the "Married at First Sight" dating expert for advice.

"Suddenly the zombies who were on offensive will find themselves on the defensive …

[and it'll make] strange bed fellows of Blaine (David Anders) and Liv." For Blaine -- who was given the zombie cure at the end of season one -- he'll find himself in his own strange waters as he attempts to navigate his new normal.

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